[HeroQuest-RPG] Re: Travel Narratives in Glorantha

From: Tom <elysia69_at_FdYPXSCv5vQDxbdR4aMO3iLhqCqOwI5MXh1FNdMw7PSDeRvMlvMFxFak2rmoJShOKOI>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 23:48:45 -0000

I've replied to this on ImmoderateGlorantha, though I don't know whether they will approve it to go through:


It's nice I get called, by implication, a mysoginist in public and then get refused a right to reply in public even though my previous post referred, in passing, to a feminist writer. May I recommend a lighter hand on the tiller?            

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