Re: Levirate Marriage in Glorantha?

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 14:28:57 GMT

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>Hi John, thanks for the detailed and interesting response! In fact the
>issue revolved around a curse on a blood lineage, and i wondered if
>levirate marriage might allow a legal descendant without direct blood
>descent from the eldest son, for a plot I was writing for a scenario.
>There are other ways round it, but it just made me think - this could
>work for the story. Thanks to Greg for the clarification as well.

The Heortlings have "bloodline" property. How quite this works I'm not sure given that a bloodline is the descendants of an individual either living or only a generation or so dead. The implication of TR is that the majority of property is held on this basis so there must be a mechanism for splitting that property. They also allow for the adoption of individuals into a bloodline. So a legal descendant who isn't actually blood related is quite possible.

Of course in Glorantha being adopted might well make someone blood related for the purposes of a curse. But that's very much a case of YGWV.

Donald Oddy


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