Re: Lodril in grand scheme of things

From: Mark Galeotti <markgaleotti_at_p5C72kOSRRfl047LfCyG1oqq_4UgxpNFND917HCm6qeWZ3Cg62opUIH2qNU8FTc>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 08:58:51 -0000

> 1) Is Lodril considered to be a minor god by the Dara Happans?
> 2) Is Lodril a minor god?

No to both; all Dara Happans obviously revere Yelm as the lord of all, but relatively few would have any personal relationship with him; I's imagine that Lodril, as the loyal and hard-working god of the commoners, is probably the most widely-worshipped deity among them.

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