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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_6l-nEwYk8zJT5N_KpivPyg89JsTjcsL9amzMlGD4ndr_jOn2S8W4EQl8kYIQMvFNuQb8t>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 08:24:59 -0800

<<There is something to what you say RR, but I think minority cults are quite appropriate for adventurer types. It's not like Eiric and Erika Farmer, the allfather & allmother initiates are really adventurere material.

What I was (jokingly) trying to say is that player perception of a cult's power/influence are very often affected by the players choice of "adventuring" cults rather than the background.

After all, looking at your own group's cults an outside observer would conclude that Humakt, Orlanth (unspecified), Issaries, Yinkin, Vinga and Urox were the major gods of the Heortlings, when these are all (except for the Orlanthi, which I bet isn't Allfather) fringe cults at best.

Sure, they're the "adventurer" cults, and thus better for *players*, but they aren't the culturally significant cults - which tells us something about "adventurers", doesn't it? ;-)

Many players, if they don't see a cult written up in long form, will assume that the God(dess) in question isn't significant to the culture, and will ask things like "Is Lodril important", which is where we started this thread. Since cults most likely to be written up are those most interestng *to players*, this leads us to a view of the game world where fringe cults are seen as more important *culturally* than they really are, and the major Gods are seen as unimportant.

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