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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 00:23:17 -0000

>Lankst is Alakoring's homeland.

Yes! And I'm hoping he'll play an important role in the life of the campaign. I've got him practicing his lines now...

>You've gotten Mongoose's PDF on Ralios? Check out my web site's info
on Ralios too.

Yes on both was the Ralios PDF that gave me the original idea, and your East Wilds campaign information has been very useful.

There are so many factions in the area--Mostali, Aldryami, Uz, Dragonewts, other Orlanthi, Telmori, chaos, etc.--that I'm thinking it could make for a good diplomatic wargame, too, in the mode of Dragon Pass--EWF vs. God Learners, everyone vying for control of the various Orlanthi clans, perhaps even a leftover Stygian horror or two thrown into the mix.

Thanks everyone for the input,

Joe McCleskey            

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