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At 05:11 a.m. 7/03/2008, you wrote:

> >The Fereshori are in the Lunar Army radiance and there's no
> >connection between them and the Great Sister in ILH-2.

>Yet she is going to make use of Fereshori - indeed with that
>size of army it will operate more as Vexillia than anything

Is she? The Sister's Army isn't particularly known for doing combined operations on her own and arguments that she must have Fereshori in her radiance are to me redolent of the kitchen sink approach of Lanbril.

Plenty of other armies have been effective without Lunar vexillia - even the Lunar Army didn't have them when they defeated the Carmanians.

> >HonEel has her own radiance and isn't responsible to the Great
> >Sister, but rather her father, Moonson while Maran Gor is
> >too remote to have an influence in Peloria.

>I'm sure the Darseni have an equivelent "Angry Earth" goddess
>to Maran Gor. A Lunarized version of that is probably the

Given that we already have large doses of earth worship in Hwarin Dalthippa and HonEel the Artess, I'm leery about making the Sister's Army yet another haven for Earth Worshippers.

>There seems to be a choice between having a whole batch of
>separate cults under Great Sister or having members of certain
>cults having alternative channels of reverence.

Looking at ILH-2, it seems to me the rule is that denominations are assigned to radiances and there is no spillover. If Fereshor is in the Moon Army Radiance then all Fereshori are in that radiance while all Yanafal Vestara are part of the Seven Mothers Radiance.

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