Great Sister and the Chain of Reverence

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Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 00:20:15 GMT

Following up an idea for a scenario I started wondering about how the followers of Great Sister fit into the Chain of Reverence and the rest of the Lunar structure. We know she has some followers - the Sister's Army - and I would imagine a substantial court. Since she owes allegence directly to the Red Goddess it seems right that her followers should pass their prayers through her rather than the Emperor.

I was also considering what magic the army units would have. Traitional magic from their cultures? Standard Lunar Magic or something special? Certainly Yanafal Tarnils is going to be important as the first Fereshori were used by Great Sister but what about others? My tentative idea was that the Earth Axes worshipped Hon-Eel but it could be they are a Maran Gor varient.

Any comments or suggestions?

Donald Oddy


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