Re: David Dunham: where is your next KoDP game?

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_xRdtAc39PvMjgbB_VDGLdar_BuzCZF4iJErattXlMR8IbIJT3ozm9i9qPPVA0CSC65>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 09:23:10 +0100

Hello David

If you would choose Glorantha 2nd Age, and the EWF - Godlearner conflict, as background, maybe Mongoose would be interested in co-producing/financing?



> Phil
> >I still play KoDP, it makes me happy. Such a great game. You really
> >have talent and you should try your hand at it again, even though you
> >got burned in the distribution deal. You have more publishing options
> >now though, Steam and Matrix games both do online distribution.
> Thanks!
> The first step would be to secure funding for a sequel (or new game,
> depending on how you look at it). I welcome assistance.
> I think you know, but others might not, that this would be a
> full-time endeavor for a number of people. (I don't think I ever
> calculated the total, but KoDP was probably 12+ person-years.)
> Sam
> >My first PbEM was Keith's CKoB, inspired by KoDP. It was great fun.
> Glad to hear it inspired more happiness!
> --
> David Dunham A Sharp, LLC

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