Re: Lunar afterworld/afterlife after the Moonburst

From: Tom <elysia69_at_bT8IuDKRz9smbQ8Y0GjgQYg-bghH0pQzH120LDBup69b7iHqsJcRejmUgW0oEZdMHGk>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:53:12 -0000

... lots of good stuff I like it. I find it fairly easy to describe the difference in spiritual experience between an animist and a theist worshipper but much harder to put my finger on the experience of someone with an essence. Some impressions from what you have written suggest: reason, philosophy, exploration, secrets, science and law (as a principle) - but in a Heortling-ish style. Reminds me of Alchemy, Hawksmoor, the Hellfire Club and other 17th Century fun.

Are these the sort of keywords you are using when developing stuff about essences? And are there more I haven't thought of that could be applicable?

Thanks for the interesting examples by the way            

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