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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:50:38 GMT

In message <> Kenrae writes:
>Hello all,
>I have a new player in my campaign. She wants to be a Babeester Gori.
>I've narrated the initiations of all the players I currently play
>with, so this one won't be an exception (I like initiations to
>adulthood and cults, I find them different). I don't have any problem
>with the basic heortling women initiation since I've already done it
>before, but I'd need some ideas on what the initiation to Babeester
>Gor could be like.
>I'd expect lots of blood and beer. Something simbolizing the Dead
>Earth to be born again from it? What could I use? I've always mixed
>the Material World and the Other World in an initiation, what could
>she find in the "quest"?
>Thanks in advance!

I'd suggest starting with waking/being born into a dark world surrounded by hordes of chaotic beings attacking the initiate's mother. If her immediate reaction isn't to start chopping them up with her axe she loses that station. I wouldn't expect most players to have an difficulty with this.

Then she encounters a human rapist. She kills him, uses his blood to make beer, drinks it and cuts off his balls to start her necklace. That's what she brings back from the quest.

If you are mixing the material world and god world this brings up some interesting issues. It brings chaos to where the ceremony is taking place so the clan is going to want it being performed as far away as possible. It requires an Ernaldan to take the part of the mother and possibly another woman as the rape victim. I can just about see a strong priestess taking the first part although not without risk. But I can't see how any woman would take on the latter. Maybe they use a female sheep for the rape victim. I guess they try and pull in a man from an enemy clan as the rapist. Of course if there is a rapist among their own clan then they may get pulled in instead which creates all sorts of political complications.

Donald Oddy


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