Re: Babeester Gor initiation

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_aiL9WTyJK6k4HVCtoScvsJY3ZWhzQd-oq4Dxwi-od-DWVzsS0j5gLS1jSuU91yzPkTrK6>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 18:28:46 +0100

> > No, I want Bert to do it, it adds more horror
> > (because they're brothers), and it feels tragic.
> I think you mean siblings, but OK.

Errr, yes. English's not my language, you know :-).

> Donald's idea that Bert was wide open to a lust spirit has some
> merit. Bert's probably been hiding in places where
> such things would lurk. The whole situation might
> attract some, too.

Yes, it's a possibility. I'm sure Bert is quite crazy himself anyway, after 15 years of outlawry.

> > What's more, in the end, he did it. He raped her. So
> > now he's guilty. And Miriel's brothers were innocent
> > of course.
> I'm confused about how Miriel's brothers come
> into this.

Bert and his goons killed everyone in the stead at that moment, so they killed Erissa, Gunther and Miriel's brothers. Her brothers were innocent.

> > Miriel is the only kin left, I fear. And no one else
> > died, only Miriel's family. It makes sense, since it
> > was a secret meeting.
> I'm betting that there were other people on the
> stead who might not have been close kin. A couple of
> farmhands, perhaps, or slightly distant relations.
> Also, if Erissa and her husband are the only two who
> know what truly happened, they'll probably ask Bert to
> come in disguise. So to the rest of the stead, he's
> some passing trader or traveller, that's all.

Yes, that seems appropiate. It doesn't matter too much though, since everybody but Bert was killed afterwards, and they were all outlaws, so we don't have clan politics here. What's more, at the moment of Miriel's initiation everybody thinks that all of the outlaws were killed anyway, so they don't even have to hunt down anyone.

> Looking forward to hearing all about it. It's a
> doleful situation, whatever way you cut it. As I
> thought the player herself has decided that Miriel has
> a dreadful backstory, it doesn't sound to me as if
> she's working too hard for a happy conclusion. So I
> expect buckets of blood all round, and a driven
> Babeester Gor worshipper at the end of it.

She seems quite interested in having this kind of character. Actually, she didn't ask me specifically for a Babeester Gori, just for an "unhappy sacred agent of vengeance". When I talked about Babeester Gor to her, she said "that's what I'm looking for".


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