Re: Babeester Gor initiation

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_bk9PyFNAG92MT9dDksT61qkhrl6Uyz8ksBmQLEAyzyONWWGByD9IAyU7ztPQD9k8pLT4F>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 18:39:24 +0100

Hi Bryan,

> > And Gunther is in love with her too. He's from another clan I suppose,
> > so this is a case of the husband going to live with the wife's clan.
> > Not the most usual, but not unheard of.
> Gunther is maybe one of several children, so there really is no place
> for him at home....but he's a good fighter, so many clans would want
> him--why he can command a well off wife. Also why Hilda's clan maybe
> doesn't investigate too carefully: they wanted him.

Good idea! I like it.

> The thing is that Bert did come home drunk--so drunk that he doesn't
> remember what happened, and he believed his sister. He spent the next
> many years thinking he deserved to be outlawed, and perhaps doing a
> lot of terrible things, thinking for some time that he was
> irredeemably damned already.

...until some weeks before the attack, when he saw some images from his past in a quest (he's a Gagarth devotee now).

> Or, if you want someone else still alive to deal with: Gunther was in
> on this from the beginning, and one of his sisters was there that
> night, and slept with Bert. He vaguely remembers having sex, but not
> the details. Maybe the original plan was that she would accuse Bert
> of rape but when it was clear he didn't remember her she faded out, or
> maybe it was always planned that she would not remember. Either way,
> she got pregnant. So the hero has a double cousin, who could get
> dragged in eventually (this doesn't need to come out at first)

I don't know, she would have to be silent about it for 15 years, it seems too much.

> Maybe what makes everything fall apart is when they tell him he did
> not really commit rape? Thinking to make him feel better, and soothe
> their own concience? But after suffering for so long he figures he
> might as well be guilty of the crime for which he was punished. So
> maybe Hilda and Gunther were trying to make things right now, and that
> is when they go really wrong.

It's another option, I'll have to decide between this one and what I said before.

> Or maybe all of that is getting a little too over the top, don't know.

Maybe xD.


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