Re: Lunar musicians

From: fbelite <rmaddy_at_k7XUp9KeDcb9mz_u45L718SRSR_45r92DN5Oykx1R4tJUm6rk184KVcQB1596qdZ3LigM>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:57:01 -0000

Beside silence, there is a lot of strength in dissonance. Also, atonal qualities are promising.

Silence can be seen a couple of ways - offensively (your words cannot reach me ... or your allies) and defensively (I am at at the center, devoid of distraction).

Dissonance seems more of a reaction - trying to drown out something.

An atonal quality does seem to try to step beyond the expected - a quality I would expect in some of the followers of the Red Goddess. I would think atonal adepts would frustrate and delight Imperial authorities - their tactics might be very effective, but won't be able to be duplicated.

I would think that non-Western cultures would have some deities who reflect these qualities.            

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