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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 12:54:50 -0400

I've been exploring some of these ideas in my Glorantha game, where Lunar missionaries have headed into the East.

I'd agree with your assessment that the current Red Emperor hasn't achieved full enlightenment. I'm unsure about any of the previous masks.

The Red Moon is somewhat different however, as it is a unique otherworld that is linked to a (probably) enlightened immortal, Sedenya. Though outsiders think Rufelza is identical to Sedenya, ILH2 goes on to say that Red Moon is merely a "footstool" of the great goddess - the closest one can get to the immensity of Sedenya herself.

To use Real World analogies, even the Bodhisattva's (who are enlightened beings in Buddhism) construct various Heavens for their followers to experience in their afterlife between reincarnations. Of course, the goal is not to achieve this temporary heavenly state, but to pass out of samsara all together. However, the Bodhisattva's in their infinite loving kindness have left a path other's can follow on.

In a similar way, the Red Moon has been left behind by an enlightened Sedenya so her followers can continue to become illuminated.

-S. Santo Sengupta

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