Re: Orlanth's High Holy Day... in Pavis! (And Vinga and Humakt's too)

From: xavierllobet <xavierllobet_at_i1yE_KGnYTLDbfFh9pawLEWTqA5C1B3-86noEUjeVK1v2moJ3TSZEuh1nMwuDpb>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 22:49:01 -0000

> I think that the myth reenacted during a god's high holy day is the
> important myth for the deity.
> So for me in Orlanth's high holy day ceremonies, either the
> quest or the death of the Sun is retold.

Or maybe those are the myths they reenact in Orlanth temples during Sacred Time? Maybe all the local priests and worshipers of the Lightbringer cults get together to reenact these myths collectively to pool resources???

By the way: Any ideas as to how to "play" the reenactment in a interesting way other than reading the myth aloud to the players? (They are only initiates).

> Faltikus is the high priest so he should lead the worship, but
Krogar is
> more poular and maybe
> more competent so the benefits should be better with him as a leader.
> Sometimes Krogar takes the lead.

I see Krogar more like a cautious guy, as described in "Strangers in Prax".

> For Vinga, I havs no ideas.

What about Humakt?

More questions:
Could a Sartarite humakti initiate (who can't reach a theist temple of Humakt) worship his god during the High Holy Day in Tourney Altar together with the animistic "Iron Man" praxians?

And the other way round? E.g. is an animistic worshiper of the "Iron Man" totally out of place in a proper temple of Humakt?


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