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Stephen McGinness:

> Anyway, my initial question is going to be one about healing Prax. I
> understand that Chalana Arroy would be a good source of healing etc
> round Pavis and among Heortlings but where would the core healing come
> from among the Praxian nomads and in Sun County etc? Why would
> animists look to Theists for their healing - would they not have
> traditions of their own to combat the depradations of disease and war?
> I cant remember reading anything about Praxian healers - thoughts?

Like most women, they'd follow Eiritha. I don't recall anything about the version of the cult in RQ, but the HQ version can certainly call on a number of healing spirits, and can even perform resurrection once they've learned the cult Secret. So I'd say that Eiritha is the standard cult for Praxian healers - if RQ doesn't support this, there must either be a sub-cult so far undescribed, or at least some individual spirits that such women would regularly call on.

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