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>> I cant remember reading anything about Praxian healers - thoughts?
> Like most women, they'd follow Eiritha. I don't recall anything about
> the version of the cult in RQ, but the HQ version can certainly call
> on a number of healing spirits, and can even perform resurrection once
> they've learned the cult Secret. So I'd say that Eiritha is the
> standard cult for Praxian healers - if RQ doesn't support this, there
> must either be a sub-cult so far undescribed, or at least some
> individual spirits that such women would regularly call on.

Sun County has Chalana Arroy as their main "High Healer" deity, with Ernalda coming in as the "everyday" healers. (See Sun County)

Remember that the Beast Rider culture really exists in the Wastes - of which Prax is the *nicest* part, where the Beast Riders who are currently "on top" live. "Civilized" type healers like Chalana Arroy and Erissa aren't going to be found in the nastier parts, so the Nomads would have developed their own healers. (All cultures are going to have some sort of healer available, but not all healers are equal - CA and Erissa are "top of the field" when it comes to healing in Glorantha, most "native" healers aren't going to be as good (or at least, as easily magically potent) as those two.)

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