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From: Oliver Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_qgiEsKOH4Ym1JhJ8K7k9e2kmy2hjRewkgLFiKsac7Yiox8KBZVYJODXsix83xcGH8eH>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 12:22:43 -0500

When we were playing in Prax I decided that if you needed serious healing you always went to the Paps. If I recall correctly there's supposed to be all sorts of remnant Earth cults and spirits accessible there that aren't accessible elsewhere in Prax at least maybe anywhere.


From: Stephen McGinness
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2008 11:22 AM
To: Subject: Healing in Prax

I am just about to embark on a game in Prax. I am intending to begin it using RQ2 - my favourite Glroanthan ruleset so far - and to extend it by fusing in the Heroquest aspects for Rune Magic and HeroQuesting (obviously!) :) .

Anyway, my initial question is going to be one about healing Prax. I understand that Chalana Arroy would be a good source of healing etc round Pavis and among Heortlings but where would the core healing come from among the Praxian nomads and in Sun County etc? Why would animists look to Theists for their healing - would they not have traditions of their own to combat the depradations of disease and war?

I cant remember reading anything about Praxian healers - thoughts?


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