Re: Healing in Prax

From: Stephen McGinness <stephenmcg_at_d0qEFVBJxhHg5Dp-tZHBmG8Y9V-FgyeM3qjP3YMc_kkAdqwjw3h3Nx0TKMbkikI2z>
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 17:55:33 -0000

> When we were playing in Prax I decided that if you needed serious
healing you always went to the Paps. If I recall correctly there's supposed to be all sorts of remnant Earth cults and spirits accessible there that aren't accessible elsewhere in Prax at least maybe anywhere.

Hmm. That seems reasonable. Did you keep it simple for the players i.e. the Earth Priestesses at the Paps or did you elaborate?            

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