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> (All cultures are going to have some sort of healer available, but
>not all healers are equal - CA and Erissa are "top of the field" when it
>comes to healing in Glorantha, most "native" healers aren't going to be as
>good (or at least, as easily magically potent) as those two.)

Yet the nomad healers may be more effective in dealing with particular illnesses or injuries that are common in the wastes but rare in more civilised places. "Oh that horrible green swelling. You must have scratched yourself on such and such a thorn bush. Just let Trixibo suck the poison out, she loves the stuff." Appearance of strange looking spirit who fastens on to the swelling and sinks her sharp teeth in. "What are you making such a fuss about? All our children love Trixibo because she makes their hurt go away."

Donald Oddy


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