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Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 03:42:44 GMT

In message <004801c8ab2b$17adaae0$6406a8c0_at_Camelot> "Roderick and Ellen Robertson" writes:

>> -What kind of reaction would arouse seeing someone carrying
>> objects created by them? (for example in Pavis)
>Probably varies from "Ewww that's disgusting" to "Hey, that looks
>neat", depending on what, exactly, the object is. I doubt very much
>that they would know that it was a GL artifact.
>I don't think the common man (i.e. 99.99% of people) couldn't identify
>a GL artifact to save their life. Could you identify a Minoan or
>Akkadian artifact if you saw it on the street? (If it turns out that
>you can, then you are not in the 99.99% of people...)

And if GL relics aren't hated by definition you can bet that someone is faking them. Maybe well enough to fool the experts, never mind the PCs.

IMG having what was thought to be a GL artifact would be a cause for suspicion in just about any society. About the only people who could get away with having one would be professors of the Lunar University in Glamour. They're doing all sorts of experimental magic and could well have a use for such a thing.

Donald Oddy


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