Re: Treasures of the God Learners

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_hvRvLb2MyTDYiYfGR16CB6oYxp_71WNjGuDxJbLH6ApFaU9s-xXeDVhdZDUIjlhIqzw4>
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 11:40:23 -0000

> >-How much do people know about the God Learners in 1620 TS?
> I think this really is a case of YGWV. Do people really have a lot of
> detail about a culture that was destroyed 500 years ago, and was cast
> out of Pavis even before that? That was so hated or feared that most
> of what it did was destroyed or hidden? That's a long time, and
> plenty of opportunity for details to be confused.

I think David is absolutely right. Most Pavisites equate the God Learners with Gbaji and vice versa. They are responsible for the Chaos in the Big Rubble, don't you know?

> >-Would a sage easily recognize an item created by the God Learners
> >(coins, jewelry, weapons, magic items, mechamagical arms...)?

Depends. Stuff with archaic Western script written all over it is assumed to be from the God Learners by sages (even if that is still done in Seshnela and other lands of the Abiding Book). Maybe a few sages in New Pavis can tell the difference between Jrusteli artifacts and Second Age EWF artifacts. But most folk can't tell the difference.


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