Re: Treasures of the God Learners

From: paul_at_mIpiqaZV6PrxfsRLD4jU81ZX4JmQmQTqXxiG4S43UgiM2iCdNvNplmPxl4XayXdeTKpBVqH
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 10:34:33 +0100 wrote:
> Xavier
> >-How much can Darily from Raus Fort know about God Learner relics?
> The God Learners never really got to what is now the Lunar Empire, so
> probably less than a Pavis sage -- unless your story demands
> otherwise.

The Lunars are interested in God Learner relics - the Watchdog of Corflu is one (and they are looking for more in the area - trying to find the lost God Learner city of Feroda). There might even be someone based in or passing through Pavis who would take an interest.

(Sorcerers might be interested, too. God Forgot, maybe ? Or some of the less orthodox Malkioni Magi - Arlaten from Strangers in Prax might or might not be a good choice.)

Of course, any of these are liable to take the relics with minimal or no compensation if you're not careful.            

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