What if Star Trek were set in Glorantha?

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Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 17:39:40 -0000

Here's a not-in-any-way-serious musing of mine:

What if the Trek captains lived in Glorantha? Kirk would be an Orlanthi. Sleep with lots of women and then leave them, take immediate action and then mop up the mistakes afterwards, and "be the man." All those long pauses in his speech must be a form of worship, letting the breeze blow...

Archer would be an Orlanthi too. But he's stuck in some kind of weird campaign built around a mixture of earth cults, dragonnewts and sorcery. He's probably a good heroquester, though.

Picard's a Lunar. Consults with all his underlings before taking any action? Check. Seems to know how bureaucracies work but willing to exploit the rules instead of blindly following them? Check. Staying behind on the ship while sending others into danger? Check. Putting your immediate subordinate in a red shirt and sending him into harm's way? Check. Dealings with an obviously Chaotic being who somehow seems to have his best interests at heart? Check.

Plus, he's French. I mean, c'mon.

Sisko's a light worshipper. Probably a Yelm, not that he's recognized as such by too many people. He's likely to be a late-edition Yelm, though, following the mystical path. Sisko solves problems by having made himself into the kind of person who can solve those kinds of problems. He doesn't always have a good reason for anything he does, but things tend to work out anyway. Also, the Cardassians are obviously air worshippers. That explains why Gul Dukat keeps trying to kidnap Kira, too...

And Janeway? Janeway is a Godlearner. Once she's made her mind up, no amount of reality is going to change it. Simply use the power you have to rewrite reality and make it the way you want it. The last episode of Voyager just clinches it.


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