Re: What if Star Trek were set in Glorantha?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_kIzzbjHJqsHWNv45ceMc0AmwXHmf_GLxyYD2UevRfeqhlaa0yVRdRgBC6P8cHuu>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 21:18:44 +1000

Although I can see the merits of making comparisons between Trek and Glorantha, I've got to go for Star Wars and Glorantha. After all, both have prequels - Glorantha 2nd Age, all the Sith stuff. Both have goofy races that can be a bit embarrassing (ewoks, nasobemes). Both kind of started (as far as most people were concerned) in a desert environment (Prax, Tatooine). Both had a bad guy with a wheezy voice who had suffered terrible injury(Darth Vader, One armed duck bandit - "more duck now than man, twisted and evil"). Both have some religious cults with different levels of initiation (Jedi Council, Cults of Prax). Both have lots of unusual riding beasts (all of them, almost all of them). Both have an evil empire (The Empire, The Lunar Empire) but with not much evidence that the rebels are much better (The Rebel Alliance, Sartar).

Go on I could.

Now, if I were remaking Revenge of the Sith I would have Anakin coming back as a Durulz - Duck Vader, created by Lord Delecti. I would rename it Revenge of the Sticher. The Duck Star is clearly the thing that gets destroyed. Obi-Wanaryth-Purple the wise old Lhankor Mhy guy. Yoda Toothmaker leads his hordes from the wastes, Argrath Deetoo, Handrogeus Solo, IsildianP0.


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