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YGWV John Galloway wrote:
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> <>, mark wrote:
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> > --- In
> <>, donald wrote:
> > > You should also bear in mind that the man rune doesn't represent
> > > human. It represents beings which can stand upright and have
> > > intelligence. What's perfect to a Mostali may seem very different
> > > to us.
> >
> > It doesn't? I thought the Mostali were supposed to lack the man rune.
> So did I. I'm not sure where I got that impression from but some
> support can be found in Masters of Luck and Death (Hero Bands for the
> Hero Wars) <ISS 1303 (January 2004)>
> The following excerpts are taken from The Five-Rune Ring (pp 58, 59)
> ... (Extensive research has
> proven to members that dwarves are not descendants of Grandfather
> Mortal. Their inclusion on the [First Age?] Grand Council is obviously
> one of the reasons its magic failed.)"

One tiny hero band's take on reality does not make a universal law. I think the subjectivity of these write ups should be kept in mind.
> Now obviously YGMV but this seems to indicate that (at least some of)
> those people who take an interest in such things believe that the
> Mostali are NOT possessors of the Man rune.

I'm a little in the dark about "those people" but it is easy for me to imagine this band as not only believing this principle, but being able to prove it (to their own satisfaction).

For myself, I can assure you that the Mostali do indeed partake of the man rune.

It seems pretty clear to me from everyone's descriptions so far that the clay dwarfs come in a variety of shapes and appearances. This isn't too surprising since their molds are breakable but easily made again, and sometimes adapted to local circumstances, or altered through imperfection.

I have not seen anyone mention the mineral like nature of the Diamond Mostali. These perfect beings likewise have local variations in their types, although as they advance towards perfection and total union with Maker they become me and more alike--essentially identical to outsiders. They are still, at this stage, people-shaped. Their features are angular, their stony bodies become increasingly clear and faceted. They look, in fact, like they are made of diamonds.

I hope the discussion continues.

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