Re: How best to learn about God Learners

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Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 00:00:05 GMT

In message <> "valkoharja" writes:
>> I see all three as different. Warhammer chaos is a simplistic "evil
>> person" type of thing - for the most part psychopaths who enjoy
>> death and destruction.
>Chaos is a corrupting force from the void beyond the world. It taints
>and corrupts everything it touches, and will (may) eventually doom the
>whole world as it turns everything first into mutation and eventually
>just primordial slime.

That may be in the background, but the emphasis is on horde armies led by madmen trying to conquer the world/universe.

>If that doesn't sound like a Sci-Fi version of the chaos of Glorantha
>then I don't know what does.
> -Adept : who enjoys a good game of Warhammer despite the Glorantha

It's a ripoff alright but a simplified one. Given the market it is aimed at that's understandable.

Donald Oddy


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