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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 23:30:47 GMT

In message <> Richard Hayes writes:

>In most places the possibility of such tragic or morally ambiguous
>Chaos is anathema to most right-thinking Gloranthans, and rightly so.

We know that the praxian nomads used broo against the Lunars at the battle of Moonbroth. Even if it was only herding them into the Lunar ranks there's a moral ambiguity there.

The other thing that will happen is individuals making a choice between losing something they value or assisting chaos. Krasht is particularly good at exploiting such weaknesses. When faced with such a choice many people will take the risk of breaking the community's standards. Some will get away with it, others will not.

>However maybe there is scope for a more tragic, morally-ambiguous story
>involving Chaos lies in the few cultures where Chaos is neither "wrong,
>wrong, wrong" (and then some) nor dominant.
>One possibility is within the Lunar Empire. Some have argued (I think
>it was at a Gloranthan Lore Auction at a convention during the Runequest
>Renaissance of the 1990s) that the final tragedy of the Lunar Empire was
>that it had incorporated Chaos instead of Disorder (the natural opposite
>of law). So maybe there is some potential there.

Certainly. That's a really big story possibility but even if that's not true there will be people in the Lunar Empire who choose the way of chaos to achieve something and maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't.

>The other possibility which occurred to me (and I am sure there are
>plenty more -- YGWV)would be somewhere where Illumination and the
>struggle between Arkat and Nysalor/Gbaji was still ongoing, even if
>only in a 'shadow war' between obscure occult organisations, of which
>the rest of the lozenge was barely even aware.
>In particular I am thinking of a passage in Cults of Terror which
>suggested that the dark side of Illumination was not about alignment
>with Chaos so much as the abuse of Illumination (and the ability to
>break cult taboos it confers) for selfish ends?

I've just about got my head round Lunar illumination but I've no idea about current thoughts on other sorts. I don't think any of the RQ sources are up to date.

Donald Oddy


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