Re: Lunar Provincial Overseer before Appius Luxius

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Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 14:07:37 -0000

It had to be someone close to the Red Emperor. Think about this: just the Provincial Overseer can call upon the Provincial Army. If the Provincial Overseer is someone of Tarsh the Provincial Army could rise up against the Lunar Empire. Knowing this, How is it possible that Phargentes was Provincial Overseer? The answer I think is Phargentes hate so much Palashee and because of that, the Emperor Trust him.

Another point that I got in mind is that he should be a clever, quickdecision  and accurate man. I'm collecting information about the armies which fougth at the Battle of Grizzly Peak and those ones who rised up against Moirades could have a powerful army. It is possible that Moirades needed help quickly and just a efficient man could manage the situation properly.

I have been looking for information about who could be the Provincial Overseer at that time with no success. For the time being I'm writing the scenario callin him just "Provincial Overseer". I will put him a name later on.

> (Which mask, in 1586?)

Militaris or Reclusus, it depends about the season.

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