Re: Help with a Daka Fal shaman

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_M9psaQW5YlI7L7JMwadmwEvJz08gMqTmu8Yb-upVhgowz6MhRkZoEdXFZQdaGQwS6N>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 16:21:12 -0000

> But, in English, shamans is better than shamen, except for pop groups.
> </pedantic>

For what it is worth, Mirriam-Webster, at least in the 'collegiate dictionary, 10th edition,' agrees with both of you gentlemen (not gentlemans--oy, english!). It lists only 'shamans' as the plural, and does not have any listing for shamen.

As for what the shaman would do on such a day, I think it would be more challening when seperated from most of his people. To contact the ancestor spirits surely it helps to be on ground holy to them....which would probably be the tula? And to have 'things' in which there were interested, like a crowd of their descendants?

So it seems to me that the choice would be to do a token ceremony, which is safe but may weaken his connection with the spirits for a while, or to go big. If you want them to notice him waaaaaay over hear, far from everyone else, what is he going to do to get their attention?            

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