Re: Help with a Daka Fal shaman

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_AiuQ0IXIzghtY07ExiGtNBsBtUjGXBs25pVtrVqrDLXzPqsQcfKdig6X4S3KqYlHC8OQ>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 16:43:36 -0000

> As for what the shaman would do on such a day, I think it would be
> more challening when seperated from most of his people. To contact
> the ancestor spirits surely it helps to be on ground holy to
> them....which would probably be the tula? And to have 'things' in
> which there were interested, like a crowd of their descendants?

OK, a Daka Fal shaman is normally more associated with the Praxians (although presumably some wander around Orlanthi lands as well - although the Orlanthi have different ways of worshiping Daka Fal than the Praxians). FWIW, Orlanthi Ancestor Worship is not usually done through shamans but instead through clan god-talkers.

Kolatings deal with spirits for the Orlanthi - it is respected, albeit strange cult - and they would desire to do things on Kolat's holy day, and make their shamanic circles and what not. But they are rarely dealing with ancestors, but the many spirits of places and things.


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