Re: Exclusive Worship

From: xavierllobet <xavierllobet_at_rk2NLFS6Apvk_2XuKLuvbcEbWrgEWJIsLDMwxsBaVN4LXbSh3W4jAC_3Mf-lbx7>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 16:19:10 -0000

I really can't wait to devour that book you are writing. When will it come out?

By the way, this priest you mention appears here: Is this info still "official"? Because it says that F. "embraced the Lunar way", I mean.

  Not all the Orlanth priests see eye to
> eye with Faltikus, although Frekor the priest is strongly supportive,
> Faltikus is widely known to have problems with the powerful devotee
> (and fellow priest) Krogar Wolfhelm and the influential priest Govoran
> the Magnificient (kinsman of Byrgga Scissortongue).
> For more than that, you will just have to wait....
> Jeff

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