What do people know about Jaldon? SPOILER ALERT: Jamie MacLaren please don't read.

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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:14:29 +0100

Hey all

Pretty open question, I'll admit. :) I actually need specific things (see following) but any information or inspiration would be really welcome! This is for a scenario I'm half way through running and it will make up the second half.

As an aside and in case anyone's interested: We designed the scenario together (players and me) starting with a premise (voted for from candidates suggested by each player. 'hate is blind' won) and then writing 100 words for the scenario (in the same way we do for heroes during character creation). These 100 words defined setting, suitable heroes and included the sort of content you get on the back of a movie DVD box (that tells you what the film is about but doesn't spoil the twists or ending - after all in RPG we don't know what they are). In those 100 words I identified keywords to help me include obstacles, setting, characters etc. Each session was constructed similarly by me (alone): I'd write about the setting (for several scenes in advance) and underline keywords/phrases that provide a list of obstacles, characters, places, etc etc. The keywords would give me topics to write about and I would identify keywords in what I wrote to have abilities relevant to the story.

I'm writing a quest to 'find Jaldon again' (the tribes of Prax are threatened again and he's needed) and I need 5 allies of his for the heroes to 'meet' in an odd sort of way.

For those who don't know who this is, it's Jaldon Goldentooth who is all about defending Prax from outside attacks. He is believed to return when Prax is in need.

Jaldon's Last Lonely Journey
The quest (practise-run level) is based on a Lost Trail of Waha, which Jaldon followed before he left the last time around but which is now unknown to the tribes. I'm calling it Jaldon's Last Lonely Journey, it ends in The Dead Place, where Jaldon left the world.

The current idea is:
Jaldon and his 5 closest allies hunted an unknown chaos through Holy Prax. They caught up with or and/or by this enemy at 5 places and Jaldon lost an ally to it at each. Jaldon finally chased his foe into The Dead Place and was either vanquished or triumphed and then crossed the Styx on the Ferry.

I already have General Harjoon Karsh (Bison) [thanks Mr Fahey!] but I don't know anything about him.

The heroes.
The players have heroes from The Sword Brothers Heroband (Masters of Luck and Death) who are each from one of the Great Praxian Nations (Bison, Impala, High Llama, Sable and Morokanth) and are mostly practitioners of Waha. They are formed into a temporary heroband called The Unity Brothers.

Five Friends for Five Sword Brothers.
Each of the questing heroes following Jaldon's Last Lonely Journey must face The Foe at one of The Five Places and take on traits from one of Jaldon's Friends (eventually heroforming them). I don't think they need to defeat The Foe all five times to continue to the end. The imporant thing is to 'bring back' each of the Friends.

When the five New Friends come to The Dead Place they must call for Jaldon. I'm not sure about this part yet but I do know it's got to have something to do with waiting.

Any help, ideas, inspiration would be appreciated. My deadline is gamenight next Thursday (24th July).



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