Re: Where does 'gyrda' come from?

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_ZdAr6AkIZFmSGMrXbDgT0aSb9QdgET3nOykSJg9QX27WuW_aqxGdhWqHg>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 22:25:21 -0000

But no one is suggesting removing it, but questioning how much is appropriate in a game book, and how much in a deep dive book.

Look at what Dara Happa Stirs does. It is still Dara Happa, but not all the detail of GRoY or FS.

> Would my own personal enjoyment of Glorantha be enhanced by the
> ditching of the more opaque detail

You have not been asked to ditch it, just recognize that its place may be in print on demand, and for the small band of enthusiasts. Why can't both markets be satisfied. I liken it to the onion skin, keep peeling back the layers.

> And sure, this is an entirely solipsistic view: how do _I_ benefit.
> But that's the kind of selfish guy I am!

It may be that all of your players care about these details when you play. Mine don't. Some find it off-putting. So having access to a wider range of players would be one benefit of a simpler presentation.

There seems to be a lot of alarm here, and a lot of people making assumptions about what is happening who afaik, have not seen what we have, just picking up on casual comments. Come and have a beer with me at Continuum. I hope I can allay your fears.              

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