Re: Secrets of the Darkness

From: L C <lightcastle_at_DuDAmquhdnUD1iGOWHENOYnGCC0mHuYdHxPYoQCebZA4w7gtVaHyl0XrJYBrUuVM>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 13:17:14 -0400

There are a lot of VERY DANGEROUS Kitori darkness demons lurking
> around - beings with enough power to force Palangio the Iron Vrok to
> flee (and massacre his army) and never return. Most of these beings
> honor the ancient pacts made by Ezkankekko. However, several of those
> pacts are rendered null and void as a result of the death of Belintar
> and the return of the Vingkotling Sword and Helm. Consequently, there
> will be some very powerful and ancient darkness demons that are no
> longer bound by the ancient pacts.
> Jeff

Just to clarify, Belintar made sure the old pacts that had been made with Ezkankekko were honoured. With both of them out of the picture, some of the Darkness Demons think those pacts null and void? (And the Sword and Helm issue is linked or separate from this?)            

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