Re: "Don't mention the gyrda!"

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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:36:33 GMT

In message <> John Hughes writes:
>Gedday Comrades
>I am typing very slowly so as not to confuse people.
>"Don't mention the gyrda!" is of course the latest variant on a
>time-honoured Gloranthan adage, "Don't mention the women".
>'Gyrda' is a term used several times in Thunder Rebels, and not just
>by me. It's in the glossary. However, it is obviously outre and
>totally beyond the conception of most beginning roleplayers, along
>with other such difficult terms as 'cottar', 'godar' 'jarl' and 'dice'.


>That one of the few terms for women of power is the one to get picked
>for Jeff's ideological purity drive makes me, not for the first time,

To be consistent godar should also be dropped. God-talker, with the feminine goddess-talker, are accurate and easier to understand. No ideological element here just improving communication.

The terms 'cottar', 'carl' and 'thane' are different because they have a specific meaning with no equivelent in modern English.

There is a element of male bias in some Gloranthan writing but I don't see it as deliberate and often it is due to the English language. The English default is far too often male and that gets carried over to writings about a world where that's not true. Which is why I use priestess as the default for Lunars. For Heortlings where sex is significant for role it's priests of Orlanth and priestesses of Ernalda.

Donald Oddy


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