Re: "Don't mention the gyrda!"

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_fwr5_Y7jRhS3wntDZKBzPZZjjOyDr7ecML_bpGT1i7dZ1ylJy6VkYsm-s070Rnx>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:43:58 -0000

> IMO God-talker is an Orlanthism and to call a Dara Happan Priest
> a God-talker sounds to me as false as calling a natural philosopher
> in Athens a wizard. God-talking conveys the impression of someone
> who talks to gods as he does with people whereas the relationship
> between a Dara Happan Priest and his deity is more like that of an
> unworthy servant who keeps silent in the divine presence unless
> spoken to.

Peter is spot on here. God-talker gives an impression of what the Orlanthi holy people do. There would be a different if we called them Vicars or Clerics or Wind-Wizards or something like that. Godi requires a bit more knowledge of historical societies to get that some impression but still feels fairly clear. I have no problem with Gyrda being used, or even some other term. To me, this is not a 'real' Gloranthan term in any case so we could just call them holywomen  or whatever we want to get that same feeling.

For the record, Entekosiad is my favourite Stafford Library and I used a lot of it in a game I ran years ago in Carmania. I've got a lot of game fun out of the Fortunate Succession too. I also like the writing style, the occasional bad puns, and the grammar. I like King lists and Emperor lists, annals,footnotes and composite histories with translation notes.


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