Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_YrITD28dfriys7Z3Za-ht9psZlN73T7jr2CYkc902unPYyxkWQMIT6lGo>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 13:57:34 -0000

Hi John,

I'd like to respond, helpfully I hope, on one or two issues raised.

First let us do the easy one. Magic is changing in HQ 2.0. This is not really the list to discuss this, because it is system agnostic, and as not everyone has seen the new playtest rules we may throw more darkness than light on the issue. However, I hope it is fair to say that it has been telegraphed in previous discussions. Folks have struggled with misapplied worship, concentration, sub-cults and the new rules are an attempt to separate what is background detail (there are lots of Thunder Brothers) from game mechanics. Personally, I am guessing that you will like the way that devotees and feats are being handled which brings myth right into the game. I hope you will really think that the changes help us not hinder us.

Because the magic is changing we need to issue new versions of the cults. That I suspect will be the bulk of Cults of Sartar. It is being pitched as a 70-80 page book, so won't hold the detail of TR or ST. There has been a subtle shift around keywords and a desire to move away from the 'template model' to the 'keyword as a broad ability model' so it makes sense for us to give folks help with that too. Once we have those pieces it makes sense to squeeze in some cultural background, probably at no more depth than Report On the Orlanthi to make it sufficient as a 'player's book' for Orlanthi. When folks say it will replace TR and ST, my take on that is more that it is hoped to be all most folks need to play. Not that somehow we need to re-write the Orlanthi. There is little room for anything else.

Inevitably one or two toes may get trodden on, it seems to be inevitable even when you try not to, but I hope that people will be pleased overall.

On your second point, the loss of collaboration, prefer 'cock up to conspiracy' or even egos. Yes, the HQ authors are not communicating as well as we did. Time, perhaps, I don't know. I don't think there is a deliberate attempt to exclude. I do think there is a lot of human frailty and forgetfulness. Do we let each other down, sure. Heaven knows I can get it wrong and seem patronizing or unwilling to compromise to often in life. I have my tragic flaws as much as the next man, and I'm saddened by all those I have hurt or offended by them. But what's more important is how we try to change, when we do. I think that is what you are asking for. And I'm with you. Unlike RQ, HQ is no one's full-time job. Outside pressures come and go and things get dropped. Perhaps we need an author's mailing list. Perhaps we need to talk to Rick about what would make most sense off this list, to ease that issue.              

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