Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

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Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 18:51:10 -0000

> > Probably because they haven't seen the 2nd
> > edition of HeroQuest.
> Ok but there is a risk that experienced glorantha player will not buy
> this book if it's only an introduction book...

Which is, I suspect, fair enough. HQ2 is not a Glorantha book, and is not intended to be one, either. It's intended market is those who are looking for new rules, regardless of what setting they happen to be playing in. So, if you don't need new rules, I wouldn't suggest buying it - you'll only be disappointed.

> "Old" Glorantha player that I know are waiting for books like
> "orlanthi mythology" or "great argrath campaign", not by a new set of
> rules or new introduction books

The Pavis book will, I gather, include a lot of new material, so it's not introductory in the sense of simply re-hashing old ground. Cults of Sartar I'm less clear about - if you already own and like Thunder Rebels/Storm Tribe, and don't plan on getting HQ2, there may not be much reason to buy it.

> YGMW ? OK, I will prepare mine to live without new books as it seems
> there will be no new publications to enrich it for years...
> Of course, I hope i'm wrong :))

Oh, I think you are, on that front. Quite what has happened to the Aldryami book, and to Distant Shores, I have no way of knowing. But the Pavis book will contain new material, and seems to be a high priority. Plus, Heroes of Malkion is getting ever closer to publication, and is probably the next book out.

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