Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

From: jclebreu <jclebreux_at_yJ9Ek0ft9W7W8orKR96URa0t7ReYm2mVxE0KXr9K-yRRVTAnz68OF9rgFrhLSApx50>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 21:57:42 -0000

Thanks for your answer. I know i'm wrong and i will continue to buy some backgrounds books.......if they will contain new material ! :)

> The Pavis book will, I gather, include a lot of new material, so it's
> not introductory in the sense of simply re-hashing old ground.

good news :)
wait and see

> Quite what has happened to the
> Aldryami book, and to Distant Shores, I have no way of knowing.

And that's a problem... Why does the editor don't communicate ????

> But
> the Pavis book will contain new material, and seems to be a high
> priority. Plus, Heroes of Malkion is getting ever closer to
> publication, and is probably the next book out.

Yes but when ??? When you see time needed to publish a book like "blood over gold" or champions of the red moon, good books but only available in pdf format for more than a year, you could not say when pavis book or HoM will be published :) Some months or some years lol

the only thing I am sure is that "the great argrath campaign" will not be out this year :(
Newt year ? or never ?.... we don't know ! And it's for a book that fans are dreaming for years !!!
I don't understand the publication policy.....if there is one :))            

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