Re: Glorantha Futures - A Cautious Appraisal

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Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 16:49:26 -0000

jclebreu wrote:

> > But
> > the Pavis book will contain new material, and seems to be a high
> > priority. Plus, Heroes of Malkion is getting ever closer to
> > publication, and is probably the next book out.
> Yes but when ???

"Hopefully by the end of 2008" is the best estimate for HoM. The Pavis book is "next year", of course :)

> the only thing I am sure is that "the great argrath campaign" will not
> be out this year :(
> Newt year ? or never ?.... we don't know ! And it's for a book that
> fans are dreaming for years !!!
> I don't understand the publication policy.....if there is one :))

I think it's fair to say that "delay publishing books for long periods of time" isn't an actual *policy* of Moon Design's - just something that such a small company finds unavoidable.

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