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> <fascinating stuff about the Great Sister>
> Wow! Great gaming potential there.

I hope so!
One of the "ubertales" in the GAC is the disintegration of the Lunar Empire when the Emperor fails to return. Since he is the pinnacle of the military and organized state religion, there are many political entities (the satraps, armies,) and spiritual entities (cults, "religions") that struggle for "top down" leadership and control, while many ethnic groups normally divided by the imperial policy of "divide and conquer" strive for unity, or dominance, or independence...

Clearly she is a figure with potential to step forth should something
> shocking happen to the emperor once again, or if the temporal and
> mundane aims of the Empire stay too far from the ideals and spiritual
> aims of the Goddess (as seen by the Great Sister, of course).

Yes, she is one power among many.
And would you believe that significant individuals even from the Lesilla and Zaytenera culs refuse her right of rule!

> I'll have to make sure I can make it to the next con in England or
> Germany obviously. It's been way too long,

We do what we can.

> -Adept : feeling more illuminated already

Now you're talking!

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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