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> I've been waiting for Heroes of Malkion for almost ten years now, and
> I'm really looking forward to reading more about my favourite part of
> Glorantha. But I am worried that the book will be made obsolete from
> day one by the new magic rules in HQ2. I understand that the core
> rules in HQ will remain the same, but at the same time I get a
> distinct impression that the magic rules have changed quite a bit (so
> much in fact that you need a new book about the cults of Sartar!).
> So please tell me that this will not be the case for Heroes of
> Malkion. Reassure me that the sorcery rules from HQ2 won't contradict
> the material in Heroes of Malkion.

There is very little in the way of wizardry rules in HQ2 - just some comments about what grimoires are, and flavour text on how they use magic. While it is possible that later rules will simplify the wizardry magic, and make some changes, the current text of HQ2 does not do this, and is fully compatible with what I have written in HoM.

An example would be Talismans. HQ2 does not mention these at all, while HoM does. My impression is that Talismans still exist in Glorantha, but they're an extra level of complexity that HQ2 doesn't bother to go into - at least in the core rulebook. So you can ignore them (saying they don't exist in your Glorantha), use them as flavour description only, or use as them as written in HQ1 - both Heroes of Malkion and HQ2 will support any of these three options equally well.

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