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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 14:13:07 +0200

I can answer these questions

+Elf book
This book has four parts:
the history/mythology of the Aldryami
a description of places within Aldryami territories rules to create an Aldryami character
(characteristics,professions,special senses ...) additional cults and magic for the Aldryami

The book aims to cover all the Aldryami subspecies. So besides informations about the
yellow,brown and green elves, we learn about the blue and red elves and about the runners, the pixies and the dyads.

In my opinion, it is worth buying.

Something escaped the proofreader, Gloranthan elves are vulnerable to iron, and in the book, the elves don't have this trait.

It would have been more complete if we had rules about ageing for the Aldryami and maybe a description of a blue elves stronghold.

(and as a minor point, I really think that the elves make the difference between the Sun and the Light, but that's only my opinion)

In summary, I like it

+Dragonewt book
the book has roughly the same organization as the Elves book So we have
the history/mythology of the dragonewt
places where dragonewt lives
how to create and play a dragonewt (all the stages ..., yes even rulers or inhuman king)
cults and magic for the dragonewts
and voices of dragonewts ( stories by various dragonewts)

We learn about the various types of dragonewt colonies (sundered, barbarian, and normal)
We have a description of how a dragonewt chooses his course of action We have a description of the dragonewt magic and a description of the magic used by fourth stage (ruler) and
fifth stage (inhuman king) dragonewts

It is really worth buying.

There are two points where I must have missed something. Dragonewt magic is supposed to be more powerful than EWF magic (since the EWF copies the dragonewts),
but it is not obvious in the descriptions. The Teleos colony is a sundered one and should be headed toward extinction, but seems to be healthy and survives into the third age

+Dara Happa stirs
It is a book about Dara Happa
We have a description of the land,how to create and play a dara happan character, new cults and magic, and a campaign about the overthrow of the Sun Dragon Emperor.
To fully use this book, you need to have access to many other Mongoose books (spell book, dragonewt book, and the cults of Glorantha)

We learn about leagues and associations, we have a description of the main cities, the Sun Dragon Emperor resides in Raibanth his capital and not in Yutuhappa.

Two things escaped the proofreader.
For the dara happan calendar, if the the events happen in 111909, 111000 does not mark the beginning of the Second age but the first Dawn
If Dragon Emperor's head is placed so that it gazes on the rising sun, it should be facing east and not west.

It is a good book, worth buying.


valkoharja wrote:
> I noticed that Shannon Appel, whom I respect a lot, has written the
> elf book for Mongoose. I'm not a big fan of the mongoose books so far
> (a mixed bag) and using elfs instead of elves drives me a bit nuts
> *smile*.
> Still, I'd really like to hear what people have thought of these
> products? Glorantha from the mongoose perspective looks a lot
> different from what I'm used to. I eagerly wait for Shannon's HQ elf
> book, but should I be buying this while I wait?
> I'd also like to hear reactions to the dragonewt book.
> Thank you,
> -Adept
> .

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