Re: Mongoose elf and dragonewt books?

From: Shannon Appelcline <shannon.appelcline_at_cxKiAt9gmid-blTShTMBDyts9G4cdxn6bo1Ol2DsN2MD2-EeuSI-xCSrv>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 01:26:53 -0700

On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 7:05 AM, valkoharja <> wrote:
> Still, I'd really like to hear what people have thought of these
> products? Glorantha from the mongoose perspective looks a lot
> different from what I'm used to. I eagerly wait for Shannon's HQ elf
> book, but should I be buying this while I wait?

I certainly did my best to make it worthwhile to own both books. Different forests are highlighted in each book, plus I crammed as much second age stuff as I could come up with into the Mongoose book. I vaguely recall writing different details about the gods and maybe some extra stuff on the Slorifings in the Mongoose book too. It was constantly on my mind how the books could be different.

Here's some supplementary articles I wrote for Mongoose as well:

As for the Dragonewt book, it was written by the esteemed (and humble) Lawrence Whitaker, which should be enough incentive for him to pick it up. I hope I won't embarass him by saying he's the best person Mongoose has working on the RuneQuest properties.

And a question for DURUPT Jean:
Why do you want to see a blue elf stronghold. I'd generally think that it'd be pretty inaccessible to other folks. I'm not adverse to pitching an article or two for Signs & Portents on blue elfs if you tell me how you'd find them useful in your games.


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