Re: Mongoose elf and dragonewt books?

From: DURUPT Jean <jean.durupt_at_N_Mf-VqLykILtysD0SNZDl1vTRWIfjQAP9MjF0XL9EPeR83RYr88epX7BdsQ7hKl>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 17:03:47 +0200

Shannon Appelcline wrote:
> And a question for DURUPT Jean:
> Why do you want to see a blue elf stronghold. I'd generally think that
> it'd be pretty inaccessible to other folks. I'm not adverse to
> pitching an article or two for Signs & Portents on blue elfs if you
> tell me how you'd find them useful in your games.
> Shannon
> _
> .

Here is the first idea I had while reading about the blue elves.

A group from the School of Otherworld Exploration decides to explore the oceans
(a la 'twenty thousands leagues under the sea'), and the undersea forests tended by the blue elves
are an important stop during the travel. Maybe they can collect original myths from the blue elves, compare them with myths they collected from the Aldryami and learn secrets about those races.


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