Re: Mongoose elf and dragonewt books?

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>Here is the first idea I had while reading about the blue elves.
>A group from the School of Otherworld Exploration decides to explore the
>oceans (a la 'twenty thousands leagues under the sea'), and the undersea
>forests tended by the blue elves are an important stop during the travel.

The trouble is with this type of scenario is that it's highly specialized to a particular group of people.

Blue Elves would be more likely to interact with surfacers

  1. the Sargasso Armada - a previously obscure tribe of blue elves has had a divine relevation and surfaced to create a vast swath of seaweed to entrap any shipping they can.
  2. the Red Tides - the blue elves are attempting to occupy the nearby littoral by summoning harmful algal blooms to devastate their rivals.
  3. the Flooded Forest - when the Flood covered the world, many blue elf forests grew upon what is now dry land. After the storm gods fought the oceans and won, the flooded forests were forced into hiding. But in certain circumstances, heavy rain or a major flood a flooded forest can return to the mortal world for a time...

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