Re: Fate of Yelmalions

From: Terra Incognita <inarsus-ferilt_at_zWf0T55N5iosqm30KVZbJ9zWLPF4QJQw4eVX0MSGo8JSlxDKszxh0Ek91Pb8t>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 00:39:56 +0900

> Can you tell me where in print it says the Yelmalions will be crushed
> again?

No, I can't. Why do they worry about it? I suppose this is a reason.
  1. Yelmalio was crushed at the Hill of Gold. (Gods Age)
  2. Yelmalions were crushed at the End of 1st Age (Gbaji War)
  3. Yelmalions were crushed at the End of 2nd Age (Dragonkill)
  4. Yelmalions will be crushed at the End of 3rd Age ([Insert your opinion, YGWV])
Jeff Richard:
>Of course there is an Aldachur Temple. But it might be of more recent
>origin - not one of the old Daysenerus temples or even a Tharkantus
>temple - perhaps even something constructed in our lifetime.

I see.
In auld "Sun County" of RQ 3rd, there are 11 sun dome temples at Dawn Age. So if modern number of 15 is true, 4 are new temples.


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