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>History of Heortling Peoples p.43 "EWF History"
>The fortress of Domanand and surrounding lands conquered by the "EWF".
>The Sun Dome Temples become a major military arm of the Empire.
>These events are remembered in the Lament of "Domeland", a collective
>composed by several poets who survived.>>
>Hmm, it might not be written by Greg.

Doesn't really matter -- "Domeland" is probably the broader area where Sun Dome temples were found.

BTW, it's ironic that Domanand is located at Urar Baar (it wasn't called Mirin's Cross back then) -- a Dawn Age center of Argan Argar.

(In my campaign, Alakoring's forces burn the temple, because it's one of the last holdouts of dragon-tainted Yelmalio, as opposed to the pure Elmal worship.)


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