Re: Somme questions about bronze

From: Stephen Tempest <e-g_at_dIB3U-e59AsPfw7U8Sz9Es7o2armSirgBqg8CmHuW_SJ8U6SADMiGKVlfUcq_NtkzBfwsJ73>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:03:04 +0100

David Weihe <> writes:

>Given that the largest, by far, iron deposits are in the West, there must be something wrong about that implication.

I thought that iron was manufactured by the Mostali, as opposed to bronze which is the bones of gods? Although I suppose you could also dig up iron deposits in places where lots of Iron Mostali were killed during the Major Malfunction/Gods' War...

(Although I like your idea that to the Malkioni, the "gods" are just their ancestors' wayward siblings.)


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